Welcome to Victory Christian Church

Who We Are:

We are the Victory family…

We are Christians

A body of Believers born again in Christ…

Growing up into the fullness of Christ…

Representing Christ to the world.

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Victory Christian Church

Victory Christian Church

We are a congregation of Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ serving the Lockport, NY area. We meet o

Love the Lord and love your neighbor are all 10 commandments summed in two commandments given by Jesus www.facebook.com/reel/265678386212326?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=0NULKw See MoreSee Less
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Stop worrying about your โ€œdestinyโ€!www.facebook.com/reel/832993191667329/?mibextid=zCntWD6Cc0OcMiWy See MoreSee Less
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Recap video of our fall plans, for the longer video with more info click here youtu.be/kgYE25QUXmk?si=CfOOD_wBLeKLBvHD See MoreSee Less
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Ever had a bad day???www.facebook.com/100044472817950/posts/858641342294952/?mibextid=zCntWD6Cc0OcMiWy See MoreSee Less
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